Friday, July 2, 2010

Computer games

Games that are available in computer that can be played for the entertainment purpose are known as computer games.the first computer games was invented by AS Douglas in 1952.the first game he invented was the version of Tic-Tac-Toe.he was the first person to invent the computer games contributing the new face in the world of games in IT(Information&Technology)
There are various computer games and among them video games are also the popular one.William Higinblotham was the first person to invent game on 1958.he created his first game named Tennis for Tow.some of the games were categorized as basic computer games and some of them are ;Chomp,Hexapaun,Hamurabi,Nim,Super Star Truk.these basic computer games were invented on the year 1973,1978.
Computer games are also available Cds,video games on Tv,internet,etc.it has a very broad access also in internet world.we can download unlimited games from internet free in our computers.this is the reason why computer games so affordable and of least cost.this is an extra advantage of playing games in computer.
As we already know everything has its own defects on the other side. Computer games also have disadvantages like installing games might create virus problem in computer. It might also bring our computer danger. It also makes children quit addicted to such games and hamper their study.similarly,sometimes its also just a waste of time for adults.
As a conclusion, computers are some thing which have change our world in the fild of technology and made our world very small for our access.so games regarding computers are also its product which benefits us on many ways inspite of its disadvantages.we have to utilise its services in a systematic ways and handle it with care as technical products are just a master piece of a human brains which we have to utilize in our personal life

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