Friday, July 2, 2010

Indoor and outdoor games

According to oxord advanced learners dictionary indoor games means game that are played,situated,done or used inside a building for example an indoor swimming, pool championship, indoor 200metres championship.it usually means any kind of games or sports organised in the building or inside the room are indoor games.
Whereas,outdoor games mean the games that are played,happenning or situated outside rather than in a building.as an example:football ,outdoor swimming,volleyball,cricket,basketball,table tennis, etc.outdoor games are necessary for keeping us fit&fine in physical status.
Indoor games such as puzzle games ,quiz,carrom and so on helps us to increase our mental power.it is a best way to exercise our mind.this is also a kind of therapy for our mind to make it more refreshed from various mental stress.sometimes it is really important for those people who do carry lots of mental work loads.
Outdoor games as its types are already mentioned in above paragraph,they are very necessary for our physical fitness.it also keeps us away from the many kind of disease.as its necessary for us to be physically sound and healthy we have to adopt good habit to play outdoor games .


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